Who is Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira – UFO

Ufologist and Paranormal, was contacted first at thirteen years old when, consciously, was sucked into her room and taken to a ship through a beam of violet light.
From this event, was constantly visited by lights that communicated their paranormal mentally and has evolved gradually.
The extraterrestrials continued his visits, always remembering his commitment, which was finally accepted at twenty-nine years.

“I’ll report what happened to me, because it can be your story – or part – with some of you can identify, or to understand how I got here, why all. In the beginning there were voices. I heard them, not knowing where they came from. It started at nine years old. He also felt the presence of someone next to me, hear me call, but did not identify who. Sometimes saw some figures.

Over time, I realized that, depending on my mood, when you get near an appliance, it happened some noise, for example, in tuning the radio or television.

Another thing was the thought. All I wanted to think intensively and, ended up happening. But for me, all this was normal, did not bother me.

And there was also the cutlery that were crooked when he was eating, but I believed at that time that my mother to wash the entortava. Until one day, I was a little nervous, and the fork bent so quickly that hurt my lips. Angry threw him down, but he continued to bend. I took it and it broke in my hand. And so I realized it was me, because it happened with my brothers.

This night, appeared on television psychic Uri Gueler, bending and breaking objects with the power of thought. Joined the facts and understand that, through positive thinking, can manipulate matter and interact with other people and thought that this was not an everyday thing.

My first contact with extraterrestrial beings was thirteen. Until that age had never seen anything different in the sky. I was a square and saw an immense light that flashed and changed color, emitting a sound like a buzz was strong and circular developments. Suddenly disappeared.

I went home and was lying when I saw a purple light in the room that sucked me and took me into a ship, through the ceiling (this time, I did not know what was a ship).

Inside the ship, two men stirred in my neck, leaving a scar. And a woman gesturing with hands illuminated as if it is energizing and me. He told me he would visit me sometimes and I would bring jobs, that I should meet. I was taken back to my room the same way coming out.

I still have that scar on his neck, caused by an implant, confirmed by radiographs. Later beings explained to me that this was to assist me in the activation energy.

After this event, I was constantly visited by lights which manifested mentally and my paranormal has evolved more and more.

I had problems with people around me during my childhood because I was “different.” Was isolated by other broken, branded a witch, mad sorcerer, a liar.

From the age of eighteen I started doing paranormal shows for people, but as light beings told me that this energy should not be used for exhibitionism and that I should find out what your purpose.

At twenty-three years, another “coincidence”, another discovery. I found two people on a street that had been run over and had their fractures. I felt an urge to touch them and I did, the pain subsided until it ceased completely. On this day I understood what could and should use my energy on behalf of others.

After that I received guidance from beings on techniques of how to use this energy for self-help, stabilization of the vibrational field of people, as well as lights issue of the hands, body, the chakras and how to access other dimensions.

I learned that my body fluorescence could be activated by emotional stimuli and sexual (kundalini) that accelerate my brain frequencies, transmuting my energy. Even the light of my hands has been tested by scientists, who could not prove it was caused by some chemical. Moreover, the meetings of energization, the people who have compatible energies can also light up, without my having to touch them.

And I kept getting requests from beings who continually reminded me that I had a mission, which only accepted the twenty-nine years. I hesitated because he understood it was a very big responsibility.

And it was agreed that whenever it was necessary to prove one or more persons the existence of beings, they manifest themselves in some way, to give support to my work. And this has been happening regularly. “

Everything that happened to Urandir also happens to many people: paranormal phenomena, enhanced energy, extrasensory perceptions, natural phenomena, which manifest themselves in our lives and we may not care, do not stop to think about them.

The Paranormal is an ability we all have: to enable our vibrational energy through various stimuli, a fusion that alters our brain frequency.