Jesus and His Mental Technology

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It is common to hear that Jesus will come back someday…
If you believe in this theory or not, we will only ask you to have it as a truth at least until the end of this reading. Are you able to do this?

The great day has come, he is among us.
I can see him from here, how can he not respect all that has been imposed upon us? How does he not eat lunch, sleep, live at the right time? Looking from here he does not seem to wear a watch… who dictates to him these ceremonies? How can he go living by all the commemorative dates that touch us all in our emotional so that we follow the principel of the capitalist system? A strange dude … a different dude.

He seems so focused… his technology is mental, he programs his energy and things just happen.
It’s funny… even after going through all lines of thought (religions), I’ve never heard anything about mental technology. They use the figure of Jesus the why they want, putting him as the savior. The problem with this, is that the way they made us see him, left us motionless, without any action, just waiting for the savior to do all the work for us.

Many people just pray and wait for it to happen. Do you REALLY believe on it?

If this were the right way the world would not be the way it is, people would not be hungry anymore, they would have the basics for their survival, they would have dignity! But that’s not the way the scenery is.
How long will people survive by been feed from “faith”? Does it really feed the belly? Does it nourish the body? A religious should have the rates of vitamins and minerals in the body better than an agnostic, or an atheist. Ironic?
I agree with one side of faith, with the following question: It really has something superior that rules and that created everything.
But it’s not the way they taught us.
Urandir, Dakila, Dakila Pesquisas, Dakila Reserchers, Urandir Resercher, God, Energy, Galaxy, Stars, Universe, Jesus, Mental technologyHow would it be if the “power” was in our hands? Would you be able to abandon all your beliefs, preconceptions and only focus on developing your mental technology?

The Dakila Researchers (led by Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira) have a new vision around this subject.
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