The Process of Reincarnation

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The Reincarnation is the same spirit inhabiting different bodies. So that means that life always continues…

We end up dying because we were programmed for this (we had chromosomes 2 and 3 modified in the creation made by the Anunnakis for the purpose of limiting human life on Earth), but it was not supposed to be that way.

The Anunnakis themselves live eternally, and they were afraid that over the years the creation would overtake the creator.

They planned for humanity to only live till 120 years old.

When we from the Dakila Pesquisas Association (led by Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira), heard about this information, we developed a method that can prolong life. Initially we are doing several tests, making sure of the effectiveness and all its effects, so that later we can pass it to the entire population.

How does the Reincarnation process occur? 

In the moment of conception, the spirit arises through the interaction of two polarities (positive and negative modulating waves, which intertwine and become intertwined throughout life). This generates the body. And from there comes the rest of the creation, the cell multiplication, the personality and everything else.

How does the “spirit” know the exact moment of joining a body? 

They spend all their time “watching” many couples. And according to the programming of this spirit, it “chooses” the couple that will bring some evolutionary development to him, according to the synchronicity of the couple and this spirit. They choose the couple through the genetic combination and life experience that will provide the necessary evolution during their passage on this Planet.

Many couples are on Earth with a temporary commitment (between them or their children). In the case of twins, they already incarnate with parallel commitments, and so there is a programming in every genetic part of them. So everything has a synchronicity, whether is spiritual or universal, for this to happen.

We from the Dakila Pesquisas Association (led by Urandir Fernandes Oliveira) will demystify all the existing theories surrounding “life after death” and “reincarnation” together.

Stay tuned and learn more about it!