The Power of the Sound

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Before we were born, still in the womb of our mothers, we were already been influenced by every kind of sound, from the affectionate voice of our parents to noises that weren’t that good to hear.

Various forms of sounds accompany us throughout our lives and affect not only us but all living beings. Even the stars, the universe, planets, and Earth itself emit sound waves. In antiquity men attributed magical powers to sound, as they could influence the nature, and that it had the power to create and to sustain life.

The ancient priests and priestesses created musical rhythms that reflected the movements of the galaxies, the Sun and the Moon, as well as the ocean and others.

We simply do not realize the importance of the sound in our lives. Almost all the ancient legends attributed the music to a divine origin.

Today we know through studies and researches that sound directly influences the body and the human mind. The Japanese researcher Massaru Emoto, in his book “Hidden Messages on Water,” conducted experiments exposing water to different words, images or music to then freeze it and examine the appearance of water crystal under a microscope and the result was incredible: depending on the sound, the water crystals were clear or blended in a very strange mixture…

Sound on the Water, The Power of the Sound, Dakila, Dakila Pesquisas, Urandir, Urandir Fernandes Oliveira, UFO

We know that the human body is composed of 70% water, so we can imagine the influences that affect our body and cells every day.

In the pyramid of Saqqara, the first built by the Egyptians in the 26th century B.C, and the place were the Dakila Researchers went on their 9th Zigurats Expedition, vessels of alabaster were found that emitted sounds as they were activated, allowing the reorganization of the cells of the human body, which vibrated in a higher and healthier level. The initiates gradually became accustomed to higher frequencies in terms of vibration that potentiated the vital energy and the expansion of consciousness, this allowed us to see the existence of other realities.

These sound waves were perfect harmonics. The harmonic series only occurs entirely in acoustic musical instruments, because the materials used to construct them are natural (wood, metal, etc.). In addition, the manufacturing and assembly process is largely handmade in order to contemplate the best quality sound possible. With the current technology it was possible to produce or synthesize sounds similar to those of acoustic instruments, generating a fundamental sound with some harmonics that were chosen. They do not use the whole harmonic series. The “amplifiers” do not impede the harmonic series, but generate another magnetic field that alters other factors.

In researches conducted by the Dakila Pesquisas Association (led by Urandir Fernandes Oliveira) on the ruins of temples and buildings left by different civilizations across the planet, we observe that many ceilings of these buildings were constructed of vaulted form, that is, made of stones or bricks, placed in wedge or in dome, which facilitates the sound emission in such a way that a sound emitted at a certain point is heard throughout all the construction. Certainly the priests and priestesses in remote times carried out trainings aiming the interaction with other realities using sound waves, like the one that happened in the Egyptian pyramid of Saqqara.

The Mesopotamian people were one of the first to employ brick-making of vaulted form.

The Romans later recovered the techniques originating from the Mesopotamian in both from the West and from the Byzantine Empire during the occupation of these countries.

Vaulted Form, Dakila Pesquisas, Dakila, Urandir Fernandes Oliveira, The Power of the SoundToday the churches, mosques and temples for some reason are built in that way, have inherited the vaulted form. Within these places, when the celebrant speaks, the sound is distributed harmoniously throughout the environment, using this technique to produce the desired effects to the participants of the celebration.

Recently scientists have published a study according to which human DNA can be influenced by words and frequencies (sounds). According to them, our DNA is not only responsible for the construction of our body, but also serves as a storage of data and communication.

Such a discovery, which gives us a broad vision of human potentialities.

Sound Waves, The Power of the Sound, Lilarial Science, Urandir, Urandir Fernandes Oliveira, Dakila, Dakila Pesquisas, UFOFrom there we can understand why the ancient sages use musical sounds to work people, enabling a broad understanding above the five human senses.

Research: Urandir Fernandes Oliveira

Written by: Eliane do Canto








Research: Urandir Fenandes de Oliveira
Written by: Eliane do Canto