Stop Drinking Soda Drinks and Add Hours to Your Life

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Nowadays it is difficult to find someone who does not have a dimension of how harmful the soft drinks are for our organism.

However, incredibly many still choose to ignore this information and continue to consume this highly toxic beverage.

On a healthy diet the soft drinks are definitely not included. Because they have a high dose of sugar, sodium, and countless substances that are extremely harmful to our health.

When we think about the soft drinks that ore categorized as zero, diet, etc. the situation only get’s worse. Because in order to be qualified like that, a percentage of sugar is withdrawn, however, they have to increase the dose and add numerous chemicals… making them even worse than the original version.

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Do you really think that it is worth to continuing consuming this drink after knowing what it cause to our organism?

Some of the main consequences of consuming soft drinks is:

  • Causes diabetes: it increases the level of glucose in our blood.
  • Osteoporosis: they have a high dose of phosphoric acid, which has the consequence of increasing the risk of developing osteoporosis.
  • Cardiovascular disease: An individual who consumes soda for 22 years increases the risk of heart attack by 20%.
  • High Pressure: Soft drinks that have glue and guarana have a high dose of caffeine, a factor that can cause increased pressure.
  • Cancer: To add color on the soft drinks, a high dose of chemicals is added, and as a consequence it can cause cancer.
  • Gastritis: To make the liquid gasified they have to add acid in its composition, and it is the responsible for heartburn and gastritis.
  • Caries: those drinks erode the tooth enamel and increases the chance of the individual developing gingivitis.
  • Early Aging: Excess sugar and phosphate accelerates the aging of cells, impairing muscle and kidney functions.
  • Infertility: Aluminum cans have a substance called Bisphenol (BPA), and its use is associated with hormonal problems that increase the risk of cancer, obesity, and infertility.

If after reading this article, you’re still not aware of how harmful this drink is to your health you should know what the Dakila Pesquisas Association (led by Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira) concluded after countless researches:

The truth is: Only 1 glass of Coca Cola is capable to intoxicate your body for 23 days!

Knowing this, would you dare to continue presenting and offering this beverage to children? It is sad to have them growing up seeing this liquid as part of their lives…

Educate your child to grow up with healthy habits!

Believe me, there is no benefit to your body when you consume this drink.

Want to slow down your aging process, lose weight, improve your health and the quality of your life?

Remove the REFRIGERANT from your menu and see it yourself!