Know the Truth About Flouride

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Among the numerous studies carried out by the Dakila Researchers, today I will talk about the harmful effects of fluoride.

When we hear this word, the first information that comes to mind is his power to prevent dental caries, right?

So I decided to talk to a dentist to understand the process:

Dr. Sonia Dias: “The dental enamel is a hard cover with approximately 2mm of thickness and it protects the internal parts of the tooth. This layer consists mostly of a mineral called hydroxyapatite. This enamel layer is of hardness comparable to the bone, but in compensation it is porous enough to accumulate bacteria. After ingestion of certain foods (those containing sugars / carbohydrates), the salivary Ph becomes immensely acidic in the presence of the bacteria in the mouth. With this, a demineralization of the dental enamel happens. When we ingest fluoride, there is a chemical interaction between it and the enamel apatite (hydroxyapatite), forming the fluorapatite which is much more resistant to the acid Ph. For this reason he is considered a good ally in the history of dental caries. However, the harms of consuming fluoride are immense and there are other ways to prevent the caries without having as much damage, one of them is to change your diet. I have always researched about fluoride, and with all the information I have gained over the years, I have chosen not to use this substance in my office and I always make sure to let my patients know about in order to keep distance from it too. “

Side Effects of Fluoride:

  •  Accelerates the aging process.  It ruins the body’s collagen.
  •  It changes the immune system.
  • Causes cancer.·
  • Osteoporosis.·
  • Affects the thyroid.
  • Interferes in our hippocampus (region responsible for coordinating the functioning of other parts of the brain, initiative, memory, etc.). The problem is that any damage to the hippocampus decreases decision-making, contestation, etc., it makes anyone docile and submissive, although it can also lead to madness.

A fact that must be emphasized is that fluoride residues are not totally eliminated from the body, becoming cumulative when deposited in some places of our body. In the bones, teeth and in the pineal gland.

There is historical evidence that shows agreements between the US government and the Hitler regime to finance the fluoridation of some countries’ waters to make the people docile to control and dictatorship.

What makes it all more alarming is the fact that there is a law in the Ministry of the Environment that forbids it to be discarded into the sea, rivers or lakes. However, they worked out a solution so that instead of being discarded, it would generate profit. It is estimated that American industry, instead of spending $ 400 million a year trying to dispose of it without harming the ecosystem, is able to make a profit of about $ 180 million. Doesn’t it seem like a brilliant idea of ​​the capitalist system? 

Where Fluoride is added:

  •  In the water that we consume.
  • In toothpastes.
  • In mouth rinses.
  • Some foods such as salt, milk, soft drinks and others.·
  • Analgesics.
  • Tranquilizers.

Some countries that banned fluoridation in drinking water: 

Germany, Belgium, Austria, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Holland, Hungary, Northern Ireland, Japan, Luxembourg, Norway, Czech Republic, Sweden.

All countries listed above have issued a clarification statement why they haven’t accepted the implementation of fluoride in the water.

Countries where fluoridation is released: 

Brazil, Australia, United States, Canada, Malaysia.

That is, only 5.7% of the world’s population consume this toxicant.

While our country does not enter the first list mentioned, there are some ways for you to decrease your consumption.

  • Look for toothpaste without the addition of fluoride. There are numerous options in the market.
  • Look for dentists who use baking soda in your office to assist in the dental cleaning of their patients.
  • Watch your what you eat, avoid all kind of processed food, canned, turkey breast, etc.
  • Choose a balanced diet with fresh and natural products.


Remember to always Seek knowledge!

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