Have you Heard About DIOXIN?

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Have you ever heard about DIOXIN?

In Brazil, the subject is practically unknown and maybe you are part of the percentage of people who have never even heard that name.

Dioxin is a family of chemicals that contain carbon, hydrogen, and chlorine.

We can find it in most of the food, personal care products, plastic products (especially when they are heated), products that undergo a sudden process of bleaching, etc.

It is the cause of a series of adversities in health, such as:

– Delay in development and learning.

– Lack of memory.

– It damages the Reproductive and Immunologic System and has high carcinogenic potential.

Unaware of the danger that this substance causes when it comes in contact with the body, thousands of people from all over the world buy foods that are already heated in Styrofoam packs.

To better exemplify, it is important for you to know that: if you eat food that is on a packed lunch of styrofoam kettle the material is able to release a quantity of DIOXIN which is equivalent to drinking 4 units daily of a heated beverage that is added in plastic or styrofoam containers.

But there’s more, did you know that thousands of children have been intoxicated since childhood (for lack of knowledge) by their own parents?

That’s because you can hardly find someone who, when a baby, did not take milk in a heated plastic bottle.

Urandir Fernandes Oliveira - UFO - Dioxin, gallons of mineral water, intoxicate waterBut there’s more, the government does not pay attention to regulating the transportation of gallons of water that constantly circulate in the cities. Those gallons of plastic that have as final destination the home of thousands of citizens, travel without any regulation for hours exposed to the exhausting heat of the sun.

So you get mineral water thinking that it is best for you and your family, but you are actually intoxicating yourself.

With this information we conclude that the whole humanity has high doses of dioxin in their bloodstream acting slowly as a silent drug.

As a tip:

– Give preference to waters that are sold in glass bottles. It may cost a little high, but it will help you to extend your life.

– When buying a meal, leave the styrofoam carton aside and give preference to aluminum packaging.

– When it comes to warming up your baby’s bottle, make sure to get a glass bottle.

– When buying a coffee or chocolate, make sure it is served in a glass or ceramic cup so you do not overload your body with this substance.

Our country should have stricter legislation on toxic substances used in food and products for personal use, as it should be the government’s role to be concerned with the health and well-being of the population. But we know this does not happen.

So we should always keep ourselves informed to stay away from anything that can be detrimental to our health.

How to avoid exposure:

– Give preference to organic foods and with low amount of fat.

– Special care with papers and plastics that come in contact with food and that can be heated (use of paper filter and plastic carrier to make coffee, paper towels, paper butter etc.).

– Always keep in mind that no plastic should go through a heating process, since DIOXIN can be released directly into the food.

– Always give preference to ceramic and glass products.

– Avoid chewing gum.

– Women: special care with intimate absorbents that have gone through an aggressive bleaching process.

– Avoid leaving plastic bottles of mineral water in the car because they can be exposed to the heat of the sun.

This is an example of how knowledge is a strong tool for prolonging our life span.

Don’t ignore the power of this substance in your body.