Genetics is Still Little Known

Have you seen yourself contemplating pictures of your favorite celebrities and thinking how their skin, body and hair be that beautiful? Were they in any way prestigious by the nature of genetics and have they simple been born that way? And you weren’t that lucky, so you must be content with the way you are, right?


We often use genetics (still little known) as our shield, justifying the lack of focus and dedication with our health. Have you ever thought that maybe you could be “comfortable” complaining and getting victimized for so many years because you didn’t have the body and the skin you wanted?

Caution: this is clearly an act of self sabotage. 

By eating a healthy / balanced diet associated with a vitamin and mineral supplementation, the constant practice of physical exercise and by regulating your biorhythm, you will already feel the difference happening little by little in you! These four items are imperative so you can conquer the best version of yourself.  To truly understand these four topics, try to think as follows:

1 – You should eat a food that is as healthy as possible. Prioritize the foods that nature offers you.

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2 – Even if you eat the right foods in order to have a good health, you can’t ingest the doses of vitamins and minerals necessary for your body to perform 100% of its functions.

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This happens because the soils are very poor in vitamins and minerals, and by the logic any food that grows of it will not have the expected nutrition. With that, we would have to consume immense amounts to get the necessary daily doses.

For example, could you consume a bucket of cabbage a day?

With a lot of will, maybe you can do it for a few days. But let’s face it, this discipline will not last forever. Then comes the NEED of supplementation in the life of the modern human being. With capitalism and with the need for exacerbated profits, the soil and the food ended up in the background.

We know that TIME is the greatest preciousness, so we really need to supplement, there is no other way!

3 – By following the reasoning, even if you feed and supplement well, you will still continue to absorb high doses of toxins. The quickest and most enjoyable way to make yourself healthier is through regular physical exercise.

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Another interesting fact about physical activity is its power to activate and accelerate the electrical charge that occurs between one cell and another.

Do you know someone who claims to be addicted to exercise and who justifies this addiction by saying that they feel more alive by taking their body to the limit?

The fact is: when electricity occurs between one cell and another, the person is actually extending their life span. For this same reason, exercise is indicated for those who are prone to depression. By speeding up the mind and body, it is practically impossible to stay stopped by brooding negative thoughts.

Do you see how everything is intertwined?

Do you see the direct connection of mind and body? 

First you need to transform your mind, so that you can then take the initiative to bring the change that you want to the external. 

4 – The fourth topic is to regulate the biorhythm. However, it is not just sleeping 8 hours a day. The correct thing is that you are already in a deep sleep at 11:00 p.m., and sleep 8 uninterrupted hours.

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In that way your body will daily produce all the hormones, regenerate all the cells and oxygenate the brain correctly. In this way, you will be extending your life span and will start every day using 100% of your mental capacity.

The purpose of this article is for everyone to understand the importance and the impact of these topics on the health. 

Always Seek Knowledge! Have FOCUS to evolve your mind and your physical body, then you will finally know your best version.

By feeling the difference, you will be the best proof and the greatest motivation to positively influence the transformation of others.

 Have you thought about the current of good that this can generate?

What are you waiting for? Get the change you want to the world starting with you!