Demystifying the Meaning of Miracles

Are you ready to demystify the meaning of miracles?

Believe me, it doesn’t happen the way that religion told us. 

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Miracle is actually a development, a manifestation of our mental capacity over a focus, a goal, that is, the realization of our wills.

A book released in 2006 called “The Secret” written by Rhonda Byrne explains about our mental power, showing that when we really focus on something we can bring what was once just a thought into matter.

However, in the teachings of this book (which has become so popular) a detail is missing so that these “miracles” can be effectively realized.

The basic formula would be: Thought + Desire + Will (This is one of the secrets behind what Religion calls it Trinity).

In the middle of these three steps you must add the power of Emotion.

 Begin by choosing which emotion you think that you can easily connect with.

As an example we have: fear, sadness (you can think of something that makes you cry), happiness, sexual energy, etc.

To help you in this process you can try to remember a situation that happened in the past or just imagine a scene created by you (the important thing is to feel it really running in your veins, feel the shiver, the strong emotion where there is no doubt that the emotion has been “accessed” ).

When you feel it, the next step is to think about what you want, and finally, in a mental scene, see yourself experiencing your “miracle”.

This process makes us capable of becoming our own God, and with that we provide everything that is necessary for our journey.

So we conclude that a miracle happens through a physical / biochemical process through our mental production (our visualization).

That is, we can all perform our own miracles! 

Many religious believe in the idea of ​​an external “God” being responsible for providing something that they always wanted, but it doesn’t really happen that way.

As long as the population believes this, they will continue to be manipulated and will remain “inertial” in the hope that someone will provide their earthly wills.

But how should we expect the population to think and act differently if the word “prayer” is one of the thousands that have been corrupted?


Do you want to finally see the transformation in your life? 

How about starting out acting different today going towards to the future that you chose?

“God” is a supreme energy from which we are all little pieces, so we have the potential of a Creator God!