A Person With a Expanded and Developed Consciousness is the Greatest Weapon Against the System

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Are you tired of just getting half-truths and can’t handle everything that is superficial?

Would you be brave enough to go through a process of transformation?

Begin internally, and then the change will be able to appear on the external.

The first step would be to “undo” almost everything that is on your mind… strive to break free from all dogmas, preconceptions and “truths” that have taught you throughout life… by doing that you will give space to new information’s.

Look truly into yourself and realize that there is only one belief in the whole world: the belief in yourself. The belief that you can become a semi-god, which basically seeks balance with his own consciousness so that later he can live in harmony with the world.

For this, you need to balance your mind and heart, being able to be and maintain purity in both (than you will be able to see how powerful you are).

The transformation will only happen if there is a lot of will and effort of your part. You will have to constantly policy yourself to neutralize the excesses of the ego, until it becomes something natural… and then you will finally become the best version of yourself.

urandir, dakila, dakila pesquisas, dakila association, zigurats city, mental frequency, galaxy, stars, universeInitially, it may seem very difficult to change your mental frequency (your thoughts) and reprogram what has already been built true all these years. In that way, the process will be more difficult, but not impossible. With focus, everything is achieved.

The fact is that you were taught from an early age to ignore your intuition, otherwise you would first feel, intuit, and then act.

Intuition is the first thought, expressed as subtle feeling. It instantly tells you how the mind should work, without a doubt.

Emotion is the second thought, creating doubt, confusion (it is the creation of the duality between the positive and the negative that exists within you).

The ego is always using the emotion, and it is always ready for the conflict. The ego is negatively master in the art of not changing (it wants to see you stagnant on your consciential level) and then creates blockages, which leads you to several diseases. So, when you realize that your patterns of experience are becoming repetitive, you should be aware, because this is a clue that the ego is dominating you, unfortunately the ego became your “master.”

The awakened person, who seeks to raise his consciential level, perceives this “sign,” and soon understands that he is on the wrong path and that he must establish urgently the command of his own life.

By modifying your way of thinking and acting, you will achieve new and satisfying results.

When your ego allows you to talk with your inner self, for the first time you will truly know yourself (probably you will become frightened when you realize who you really are).

When you become the leader of yourself, you will be free from the external-dense world in which you experience, and only then you will gain true knowledge, which is outside the traditional means of indoctrination.

When one begins the internal transformation, his energy already stands out naturally before the rest of the population. The person generates an energy of enchantment and attraction. It becomes quite different from most individuals, and no longer fits into the “normal” world.

law of atraction, paranormal, be different, dakila, dakila pesquisas, urandir, ufo, health, do your own miraclesYou are already in the process of becoming a semi-god when you realize that you can already attract and accomplish what you want, mastering the law of attraction:

 (Thought + Desire + Will + Emotion)

In this way, you can conclude that you already perform your own miracles. But the truth is that it is a result of physical effects in the form of alchemical processes.

Through your mind technology, you can organize and manipulate the suspended particles scattered throughout the Universe to get everything you want. And then, you will no longer be compatible with the general experiences of the human condition, which still “embodies” physical-emotional exhaustion.

In that way, you will not let yourself be carried away by the illusions generated in the world of emotions, which distort and mask your experience preventing you from going further.

If you still experience moments of intense emotions, it means that you are not managing to keep yourself within the tolerance range. If you were able to do that, you would achieve the necessary balance to add and transcend all situations that appear in your daily life.

I’m not telling you to give up on your emotions (even because that’s what wake us different as a human being), otherwise you would act robotically (more instinctively).

In fact, two things should happen: the first is that by experiencing any kind of emotion, you cannot let it dominate you, you should use it in your favor.

urandir, dakila, dakila pesquisas association, god, jesus, do your own miracles, power of the emotions, ziguratsMentalize your desires and focus on:

Thought + Desire + Will + Using this strong emotion you just felt.  

The second thing is that when you add that emotion that is properly controlled, associated with an expanded and developed consciousness, it makes you the greatest “weapon” against the system, against the world leaders, etc.

Pain exists as a fact, but you will only suffer if your mind accepts it on the mental plane.

When the person is able to maintain herself on the tolerance range she is left without the excessive negativity of the competitive egoism and without the positivity of excessive pride. It must exercise the wisdom of understanding, leaving the corrosive process of judgment and then she finally leave’s the state of stagnation.

During your evolution trail, there will be a moment when you will be able to see your limitations as well, not only the limitations of others. When this finally happen, you can say that you have attained the “Light of Wisdom”, which any researcher must have.

Meet the Dakila Pesquisas Association (led by Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira), where you will find many researchers from different areas of knowledge.

They had already put their specialties into practice around the world, but at the moment they faced with the feeling of anguish and personal stagnation (even with all the knowledge they possessed), they questioned how they were leading their lives, and they decided to go further… they chose to seek the knowledge that they couldn’t find on the traditional indoctrination.

With the new knowledge acquired, the researchers have been modifying their bodies at the cellular level, they’re slowly regenerating their whole organism. As a consequence, they will obtain the prolongation of their life’s.

The goal of Dakila Pesquisas is to build a science with a parallel knowledge (denominated as Lilarial Science), about everything that couldn’t be reached by the traditional science till this moment, but that soon it will be understood and accepted by them.

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