Daily Rush X Beeing Healthy

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Everyday that goes by technology provides us with more facilities on our daily basis, and if we don’t understand the seriousness of keeping our body in constant movement, as a consequence we may have several health problems.

Along with the facilities there has been an increase in the variety of toxic foods that are available on the supermarket shelves. Many end up acquiring them in the hope of gaining more time, however, they put their health always in the background.

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The question is: How long will our bodies endure this lifestyle?

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The body is a very intelligent “machine” that needs daily “fuel”, so our cells and our organs can have a good functioning.
It can process about 30% of the toxins we eat, so we need to consume at least 70% of HEALTHY FOOD!

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The internet is filled with information to teach you how to consume healthier food and how you can change your lifestyle. However, if you feel you need the help of a professional, seek a reliable nutritionist or nutrologist to learn more about nutrition.

Keep in mind that you should always eat to be hungry and drink to be thirst. Believe me, our body does not need as much food to stay healthy.

After your diet re-education, try eating 50% less and you will see the difference.

In order to prevent a series of illnesses and to live longer, the basic formula is:

Regular physical activity (ideal weight) + Healthy eating (low toxin intake) + Supplementing some vitamins and minerals (we will explain more about the subject in another matter) + Sleep well (balanced biorhythms) + Train our discernment: Healthy mind = healthy body).

Choose a workout that pleases you and starts little by little, increase the time each day. Change your habits. The important thing is to keep your body moving.

When you workout you increase the activity of your cells, and if you stimulate it you will have as a consequence the prevention of various diseases and you will live longer.

As an example, an ordinary human being at birth has a fairly high electrical charge of his body, about 69%. By comparison, when they are over 60, they have only 12%. However, if this person who is in this age group retakes the workout regularly, she will be able to raise this percentage and have more energy circulating in her cells.

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The good news is: the more active you become, the more calories you burn!

Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira (President of the Dakila Pesquisas Association) warns: the only difference from the one who managed to prolong his life by changing his habits, compared to that person who was too lazy to change, and as a consequence died earlier, is the Focus, the Discipline, the understanding that only she is capable of creating the reality she wants.

I Assure You, It’s Worth It!