Urandir ziggurats leads expedition to France – Walking along the paths of Joan of Arc

Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira made an expedition with other researchers of the Dakila Pesquisas in some areas of France. The aim of the expedition was to collect information about the famous Joan of Arc.

For this, the group went through much of France, visiting from Domremy-la-Pucelle, the birthplace of Joan of January 6, 1412, to the city of Rouem, where she was allegedly burnt alive on 30 May 1431 with only 19 years old.

Descendant of modest peasant, was a French martyr canonized by the Catholic Church in 1920, almost five centuries after his supposed death. The survey had a special stamp for the Team Dakila Pesquisas, as found indisputable evidence that Joan of Arc talked to “Angels of God,” which in reality would be extraterrestrial beings who passed important information. Because of these contacts was persecuted by the Church for many centuries and is considered a heretic witch. Strangely after centuries of defamation that the church itself persecuted, it was eventually canonized as a martyr and saint.

Is interesting to compare what happened with the prosecution at the time what happens to those who have extraterrestrial contact us today. Simple example of this is summarized in the figure of Bilu, a being of extraterrestrial origin who have talked with over a thousand people and yet the media defames weight and discredits its existence.