Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira

Ufologist and Paranormal, was contacted first at thirteen years old when, consciously, was sucked into her room and taken to a ship through a beam of violet light. From this event, was constantly visited by lights that communicated with him and his paranormal has evolved gradually.

The extraterrestrials continued his visits, always remembering his commitment, which was finally accepted at twenty-nine years.
“I’ll report what happened to me, because it can be your story – or part – with some of you can identify, or to understand how I got here, why all. In the beginning there were voices. I heard them, not knowing where they came from. It started at nine years old. He also felt the presence of someone next to me, hear me call, but did not identify who. Sometimes saw some figures.
Over time, I realized that, depending on my mood, when you get near an appliance, it happened some noise, for example, in tuning the radio or television.
Another thing was the thought. All I wanted to think intensively and, ended up happening. But for me, all this was normal, did not bother me.
And there was also the cutlery that were crooked when he was eating, but I believed at that time that my mother to wash the entortava. Until one day, I was a little nervous, and the fork bent so quickly that hurt my lips. Angry threw him down, but he continued to bend. I took it and it broke in my hand. And so I realized I had this ability, because it happened with my brothers.