The truth about UFOs filmed by NASA in the sun

On March 8, 2012, an object that looks like a giant mother ship was filmed at a very close distance to the sun. The object was picked up by the “Solar Dynamics Observatory” NASA, a scene worthy of Hollywood movies.Nasa Films giant ovni in the sun

The photo of the sun filmed by NASA was taken by the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory Satellite SOHO becoming the subject of much speculation. No doubt, the picture shows a UFO, because even NASA couldn´t explain the phenomenon. The unidentified flying object that moves slowly alongside our star, has no resemblance to anything that has been seen near the Sun. The intriguing is that no metal object that our science knows, can´t even bear the scorching heat emanating from the solar activity and extremely high temperatures generated by nuclear fusion in the solar surface.
The SOHO satellite observation of the sun, is a satellite built by NASA to study the Sun and all its core deeply, but also the  external coronal and solar winds. Launched on December 2, 1995, SOHO is equipped with 12 sensors on board that communicates over radio waves with huge satellite dishes around the world and form the so-called NASA Deep Space Network. They are used for control and data collection.

Since this event, we had a lot speculations about the object. It would be a record of an extraterrestrial spacecraft? Were they “sucking” energy from the sun? Many researchers pointed out that the details of the object are very close to the spacecrafts of the science fiction films. What left unanswered is that it´s very unlikely that any object knowed by the human science can support the  heat close to the sun. That human science not know, but an object builded with extra-terrestrial technology could explain everything.

And that’s what happened. The 49 ethnies partners of the Dakila Pesquisas Association, was passed important information about this event. Under the partnership agreement signed with these ethnies of extra-terrestrial in gets disclose information to the population, the researchers of the Dakila Pesquisas Association received the information that this strange phenomenon filmed by NASA in the sun  was one of the starships of the 49 ethnies that approached the sun, not to “suck” your energy, but to put specific chemical compounds to  promote a balance in the sun for future solar flares do not reach such high levels and therefore do not affect us seriously, because we are entering a larger cycle of solar activity.

As a result, the 49 ethnies partners of the Dakila Pesquisas Association was guided to openly disclose this information, explaining about the phenomenon involved and giving a new date that this phenomenon will occur again, which will be on December 17, 2012 at exactly 17:15, GMT. On this day the same starship are performing the task of softening the solar activities and appears again beside the sun where it will remains for 4 hours and 25 minutes and can be recorded by solar observatories worldwide.