The Association That Only Brings Benefits

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A new world unfolds through the actions of a group of people who act in the construction of a new way of life, different from the patterns we know in social, economic, political, historical and family terms.

It is the Dakila Pesquisas Association, whose main objective is a megalomaniac project for the entire population. Among them, there is the focus of finding out how to stop the aging process and get the prolongation of life.

On the other hand, they wish to make the population aware of the existence of a New Science – The Lilarial Science. It is a conglomeration of knowledge that studies all kinds of information, passing through traditional science and entering into what normal science rejects or cannot explain. They are profound studies and research, often conclusive in regard to the universal laws that also govern the parallel worlds or everything that is not visible to the five human senses.

The group (led by the President Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira) research different scientific areas. Among them, Urandir with the associates built a City called Zigurats. In it were built vaulted buildings in the cerrado south-mato-grossense. There an Observatory was implemented – the Zigurats Technological Center. Where they have differentiated equipment with the latest technologies, so they can monitor climatic, geological, sky anomalies, etc.

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The Zigurats Technology Center Team has developed a number of technologies (already patented) that aim to facilitate the modern day human being in all sectors of their lives.In order for the different society to be complete, the associated researchers created their own economic system, the bonus called Dourado. The purpose is a methodology of action and organization integrated in all its projects, ranging from the agricultural area to the area of ​​biogenetics, passing in all sectors of knowledge.

The Dourado bonus enables and facilitates the purchase of products and services in a general way. Whoever is included in this system acquires innumerable benefits through companies, such as: gas stations, pharmacies, supermarkets, restaurants, air tickets, etc. The Dakila Association focuses on adequate nutrition for every human being. Thus, it developed a line of foods of the mark Dourado. For the brand to exist, it was years of research until reliable producers were located that focused on a 100% organic plantation. However, we know that the soils of the whole world are low in nutrients, so the group of researchers developed an organic fertilizer that is added by the farmers in their plantations. It allows food to absorb a greater amount of vitamins and minerals from the soil compared to any food that does not use this natural fertilizer. This ensures the durability of the product and the effective nutrition of consumers.


urandir, dourado, dourado alimentos, dourado food, dourado foods, nutrition, health, zigurats, dakila, dakila pesquisas, dakila reshearchersThe Dourado Alimentos products can be purchased through the virtual store at or in the physical stores located in the states where the Association has their offices.

As the Dakila Association develops research with the objective of being self-sustaining, its entire base of support is found in the diverse lands of its private properties, where they have seven clay deposits.




urandir, dakila, dakila pesquisas, brazilian kimberlite clay, brazilian clay, clay, clay deposits, kionWith this, the cosmetics and organic products industry Brazilian Kimberlite Clay was founded having as basic principle of all their formulas a natural active extracted from their own clay deposits.



Reading all these information, it is clear that this Association does not have a policy of small thinking.

We always crave the POSSIBLE “megalomaniac”!

These Research Scientists are only at the beginning and already have a vast list of achievements … Come and Be Part Of It!


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Written by: Eliane do Canto and Jennifer Lani