MDPL Biotechnology

What does MDPL mean?

MDPL = Magnetism, Density, Pressure and Light.

There are four forces (along with others that derive from them and that propagate) exerted under the earth. Traditional science confuses gravity with these forces. The gravity doesn’t exist, these four forces that hold us firmly on the earth. Mainly atmospheric PRESSURE.

The Dakila Association (led by Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira) after numerous researches based on these four forces, managed to develop a biotechnology and put it at a strategic point in space. They developed a device that propagates these directed forces in a group of people, in order to carry out various experiments and researches of their effects on the body of the human being.


How does it works?

The surveys happens whenever the associates come together to engage in various physical activities (the more the people move, the more they take their body to their limit, the more they absorb this technology).

Among the activities, was created a soccer championship named MDPL Tournament.

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While this tournament is happening, a device that manipulates this set of forces through a biosatellite directs particles of photonic light to whoever is in motion. These energies are available in space for all of us, however, traditional science still does not know how to manipulate it, how to join these particles and direct to a specific point.

This technology exerts a certain frequency, releases some sequential pulses and interacts with each other’s energy. They go through the body and shake the cells, the biorhythm.

The biorhythm will accelerate evenly so it will not harm anyone. The intensity that is exerted by the MDPL, by the union of these four forces it promotes the acceleration of the body as a whole, providing an electric jump between one molecule and another, a quantum leap occurs between one electron and another in the metabolism.

They are electrical conductors that activate the neurons and that in turn give fuel, electric energy for them. These particles of photons, when directed to a group, eventually increase the speed and muscular strength of each.

Gradually, the sensation is of strengthening as a whole, generating an energy named as superhuman. Becoming a superhuman is to think differently of the ordinary human being. A superhuman can do activities that go beyond the limits that are considered as common, and by being like that you end up standing out against the population.


First Contact with this Biotechnology:

Those who have the first contact with this biotechnology, cannot receive a very high load (it has to have a gradual increase). Because it can be harmful and it could happen an oscillation in their brain activity, biorhythm, heart rate and may generate a mental confusion. However, if it is directed gradually, the result is surprising. The energy, feelings, everything in the body is improved. The person will barely recognize herself, because her way of thinking has changed. In the first trainings under these directed forces the person will feel a strong resistance, a great difficulty to move, to run, etc.

However, after practicing for about 3 months there accrue an increase in her performance, oxygenation in the cells, in the bloodstream, and the brain activity will have a spectacular elevation. As a result, she will become smarter, wiser; will have a much better physical stamina. The difference is very clear. When this same person who had contact with this technology is running in a place that is not with the MDPL exercising under it, it will have an increase of 10, 20, 40, up to 100% of its resistance and speed compared to who never witnessed the power of this technology.

The Duel:

The football starts the matches with the common number of players on the field, later when they are able to withstand a greater load of these photons of light, then they can start a modality that we call a duel.This duel consists in positioning a person in each side of the field, and only two playing in the field dueling with each other for an “x” time. It can be 40 minutes, 2 hours and simply the person does not get tired. This is the MDPL Tournament, the duel between two people, face to face.

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The Benefits of this Biotechnology

According to Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira, these four forces are very powerful. You have no way to get in touch with them and continue thinking as you thought before. You’re energy, you’re head, thought, optimism, determination, focus, everything changes. It is noticed a strengthening in the joints, in the musculature, in the performance, in the digestive system… in women a balance of the hormonal part occurs, an acceleration of the rhythm of the cerebral activities takes place… in the end, all the metabolism undergoes a gentle acceleration and is intensifying as the percentage of absorption of this energy.

It occure a gradual increase of the whole organism.

Everyone who participates in the MDPL Tournament, with any kind of activity is benefited; they perceive a highly positive change.

We have 3.500 frequent associates in the Association of Dakila Pesquisas, and almost 400 thousand people spread all over the world who already know and who continuously experience the power of these forces directed in all of them and in whom it arouses interest in knowing.

You can watch the MDPL Tournament Games on our official platform or by downloading our app on your phone:

The APP name is Torneio MDPL

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If you are interested in participating in one of our MDPL football championships, send an e-mail to [email protected] and we will be happy to see you soon.