Bilu explains the shape of the earth

As promised for 60 days, ET Bilu reappeared on the evening of June 11 in the Farm Gate, the city of Corguinho / MS to make his first revelation to mankind, recording information during the conversation with the president of the Dakila Pesquisas, the researcher and ufologist Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira, of course, will cause much controversy regarding the format and terrestrial geography.

The ET Bilu says that the earth is not round, much less a potato or geoid, but convex in the continental forms, with flat seas across its border covered with ice. Moreover, the geography of the earth is different from the known model that primarily with regard to the position of continents. What we see in relation to the shape of the earth is just an optical illusion.

Watch the video and understand the theory of ET Bilu on Earth. Do you agree?
Researchers at the Project Site, along with other scientists in the field, make the tests proposed by ET Bilu and will disseminate them to the extent that they are completed. Bilu returns with new information not only on the shape of the earth, but on the origin of man, about Jesus, about God – the Architect of the Universe and more.