Ziggurats City


The Association Portal Project is building the city ziggurats in the heart of Mato Grosso do Sul, in the rural area of ​​Corguinho. The city of tomorrow is being built with completely different constructions of common architecture, all with rounded roofs, domed-shaped arch, dome and pyramidal grid, serving innovative formulas that make it difficult unroofing of the units, in case of accidents climatic region.

The City, placed in Tourist Complex ziggurats, designed complying with specific measures and a geometry that is linked to universal mathematics, targeting the events of the next 6,000 years. Constructions are made with exotic shapes earthquake-proof and gales.
It is part of the project the city to build underground bases for an alternative form of housing in the future, aiming to possible climate change that make it difficult to stay on the surface.

The complex has a Technology Center which now has an astronomical observatory, which also processes data from seismic, meteorological, and other solar activities.
In the city center will be built ziggurats a huge pyramid, which can be seen from above, home shopping, rooms for study and research. Also planned are the construction of school, library, amphitheater and hotel.

The Tourist Complex ziggurats and Project Finance Portal are in a location chosen are situated between the coordinates 19 º South latitude This geographical position favors the visualization of events that our traditional science can not explain with their current technology. They are manifestations of light that defy the laws of physics by their traces, appearances and disappearances snapshots.