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The truth about UFOs filmed by NASA in the sun

On March 8, 2012, an object that looks like a giant mother ship was filmed at a very close distance to the sun. The object was picked up by the “Solar Dynamics Observatory” NASA, a scene worthy of Hollywood movies. The photo of the sun filmed by NASA was taken by the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory Satellite SOHO becoming the subject of much speculation. No doubt, the picture shows a UFO, because even NASA couldn´t explain the phenomenon. The unidentified flying object that moves slowly alongside our star, has no resemblance to anything that has been seen near the Sun. The intriguing is that no metal object that our science knows, can´t even bear the scorching heat emanating from the solar activity and extremely high temperatures generated by nuclear fusion in the solar surface. The SOHO satellite observation of the sun, is a satellite built by NASA to study the Sun […]

Nasa Films giant ovni in the sun

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Bilu explains the shape of the earth

As promised for 60 days, ET Bilu reappeared on the evening of June 11 in the Farm Gate, the city of Corguinho / MS to make his first revelation to mankind, recording information during the conversation with the president of the Dakila Pesquisas, the researcher and ufologist Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira, of course, will cause much controversy regarding the format and terrestrial geography. The ET Bilu says that the earth is not round, much less a potato or geoid, but convex in the continental forms, with flat seas across its border covered with ice. Moreover, the geography of the earth is different from the known model that primarily with regard to the position of continents. What we see in relation to the shape of the earth is just an optical illusion. Watch the video and understand the theory of ET Bilu on Earth. Do you agree? Researchers at the Project […]

Bilu o et Brasileiro no Superpop Luciana Gimenez

Bilu, The Brazilian ET in CQC TV Program

Bilu reappears and sweeps in CQC. Matter of Danilo Gentili was faithful to what happened during our stay on the farm team. Bilu disappeared in the ground, floated by, translucent and was very clear at the end of the story, but not out of the bush and Danilo test failed to deliver the shell to him. Those who pass the test of the shell will display the 49 races for the world. So the challenge remains: who will take Bilu from behind the bushes to deliver the shell. Besides the official program of the CQC this Monday, November 8, we show the scenes of the story and the scenes that were not in the air which, incidentally, are excellent.  

Download now the Journal of the Bilu, the Brazilian ET No. 1

To help the humans in the pursuit of knowledge, Bilu requested that launched a newspaper with the information he passed. Follow the link to download the paper in PDF format. Download it now because it’s free! And do not forget to enter the Promotion of Bilu: fill out the coupon and get a gift from another world! Search your knowledge! Download now it’s free!!!

Bilu o et Brasileiro no Superpop Luciana Gimenez