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Dakila Pesquisas: Disasters are becoming more intense

Last year, Hurricane Irene nicknamed Atlantic devastated the Caribbean, part of the East Coast and came to Canada. At the time the event was classified as natural and occurs every hundred years. However, a study conducted by a team of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and Princeton University, found no evidence encouraging. According to research, high-intensity storms and their violent floods will happen in time windows much smaller than a century. Editor’s Note Dakila Pesquisas: The intelligences of other worlds Partner Dakila Pesquisas for over ten years has been warning, through the president of the Dakila Pesquisas, Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira, and most recently contacted by more than 1,500 on the increase disasters around the world, and this is a cyclical event and thus has ocorrereu on Earth at other times as the record books of geography, history and science. The researchers warn that the Dakila Pesquisas is not the […]

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