The Portal Project – Tourism and Research

The Portal Project is an association designed to build a new way of thinking global, acting in several areas of knowledge such as astro-physics, engineering, psychology, administration, ufology, anthropology, technology and physics.
Project Portal • The association has 11 years experience in the country and with the participation of over 370 000 people at its headquarters in Mato Grosso do Sul
• Has a core service to participants in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre, Belo Horizonte, Brasilia, Florianopolis
• The association promotes lectures around the country, bringing together about 200 people per event
• Is responsible for publishing the Explosive Magazine, already distributed in the National Territory

The Portal Project conducts research, working well beyond the contacts with UFO sightings and frequent in the region from its headquarters in Corguinho, as in advanced research institutions and authorities supported by Brazilian military, aerospace, civil defense, fire department, research center, universities, among others.

Recently researchers have investigated the Project Portal instances of crop circles, especially in the fields of the south. To assist in research have collected information on the sites, pictures and measurements with different detectors, data from air traffic control, and command Cindacta Brazilian aerospace, the comdabra, among others.
This is an achievement that shows that even with many adversities can make a serious investigation, the result has to contribute, not only as mere stories, but with evidence and information that explain phenomena for the general public. Thus, these phenomena are no longer only used in a sensationalist media aiming to take advantage of a situation or an event for a simple comment on the news, but bringing forth a new vision of reality.

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