Tests of the Theory of the Earth Convex continue

Tests to verify the theory of the earth in their Convex continents with water flush or flat, as suggested by ET Bilu, had one more step performed abroad. In the period from 20 to 22 November team of researchers from the Portal Project, in partnership with other scientists, was on Lake Titicaca on the border between Peru and Bolivia, to perform some experiments. The data are being analyzed and compiled, and can be complemented with new tests as needed. After processing the information, the Portal Project will release the documentary content of which could revolutionize some scientific theories. The Project Portal knows that there is great curiosity and many questions and quesionamentos about Earth Theory Concexa, but still stresses the need to be patient until all the data to be compiled. Since this is a new theory, we must exhaust all possibilities before arriving at a concrete conclusion that will […]

Who is Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira – UFO

Ufologist and Paranormal, was contacted first at thirteen years old when, consciously, was sucked into her room and taken to a ship through a beam of violet light. From this event, was constantly visited by lights that communicated their paranormal mentally and has evolved gradually. The extraterrestrials continued his visits, always remembering his commitment, which was finally accepted at twenty-nine years. “I’ll report what happened to me, because it can be your story – or part – with some of you can identify, or to understand how I got here, why all. In the beginning there were voices. I heard them, not knowing where they came from. It started at nine years old. He also felt the presence of someone next to me, hear me call, but did not identify who. Sometimes saw some figures. Over time, I realized that, depending on my mood, when you get near an appliance, […]

Bilu explains the shape of the earth

As promised for 60 days, ET Bilu reappeared on the evening of June 11 in the Farm Gate, the city of Corguinho / MS to make his first revelation to mankind, recording information during the conversation with the president of the Project Portal, the researcher and ufologist Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira, of course, will cause much controversy regarding the format and terrestrial geography. The ET Bilu says that the earth is not round, much less a potato or geoid, but convex in the continental forms, with flat seas across its border covered with ice. Moreover, the geography of the earth is different from the known model that primarily with regard to the position of continents. What we see in relation to the shape of the earth is just an optical illusion. Watch the video and understand the theory of ET Bilu on Earth. Do you agree? Researchers at the Project […]

Download the Journal of the Bilu No. 2

For the knowledge-thirsty earthlings who seek to follow the guidelines of the Journal is here Bilu Bilu’s No. 2. Download now for FREE! Download now the Journal of the Bilu 2  free

UFO – Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira and Project Portal

Urandir Oliveira Fernandes, known as UFO (initials of his name), is well known among Brazilian and international UFO. It is pursued by many who accuse him of being fraud. But it proved the fact that his paranormal and its partnership with extraterrestrials, some even filmed by TV crews. Urandir was born on March 14, 1963, in Maraba Paulista, in São Paulo. He is the son of comerciário, has five brothers and three sisters. From 8 years impressed his brothers bending cutlery in the kitchen. At age 13 would have had his first encounter with an alien, in Sao Paulo. It was a being tall, with blond hair, eyes like a cat. For it was possible to communicate, their frequency was accelerated by mental being. From then began to have power over the matter, bending metal, causing fluorescence in the hands, and turning on lights “on the strength of mind.”

Urandir – Photo Gallery

Old Shoe Brands landing UFO found in the Amazon rainforest during shipment Urandir and Project Portal Urandir and Soldier of the Brazilian army during the second dispatch ziggurats – Project Portal to the Amazon rainforest Urandir Edmo in an interview with Garcia in the Ufology Research program on Radio Headline RJ Urandir shows the imprint on his bed after his abduction. Urandir Project Portal and visit the Indian village during the second dispatch ziggurats in the Amazon. Urandir a news program in the mouse SBT. Brands rock found during an expedition in the Amazon and ziggurats Urandir Project Portal.

UFO – Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira, the Paranormal

Many believe that the Project Portal is a sect, a church or just a fantasy world where sightings of flying saucers and contact with extraterrestrial and interdimensional beings are nothing but fraud, headlights miles or invention of the mind of followers. The truth is that in the region of Corguinho in Mato Grosso do Sul occur intense UFO phenomena. In this region the plantation is located Portal Project, whose leader is Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira known as UFO. Urandir is known for its paranormal and extraterrestrial contact. Source: http://www.urandirparanormal.com.br/

The Portal Project – Tourism and Research

The Portal Project is an association designed to build a new way of thinking global, acting in several areas of knowledge such as astro-physics, engineering, psychology, administration, ufology, anthropology, technology and physics. Project Portal • The association has 11 years experience in the country and with the participation of over 370 000 people at its headquarters in Mato Grosso do Sul • Has a core service to participants in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre, Belo Horizonte, Brasilia, Florianopolis • The association promotes lectures around the country, bringing together about 200 people per event • Is responsible for publishing the Explosive Magazine, already distributed in the National Territory The Portal Project conducts research, working well beyond the contacts with UFO sightings and frequent in the region from its headquarters in Corguinho, as in advanced research institutions and authorities supported by Brazilian military, aerospace, civil defense, fire department, research center, […]

The Paranormal Urandir Oliveira – UFO

Paranormal and contacted Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira, founder of Project portal, an association of thousands of members who seek mental evolution and conduct research in various areas as geology, biology, geography, paleontology, history, technology, physics, chemistry other. Researchers Project Portal also seek to explain unknown phenomena often attributed to UFOs. Source: http://www.paranormalurandir.com.br/

In the Heart of the Vatican – Expedition ziggurats Brazil

Scenario had in Italy, especially Rome an expedition  Portal Project, led by Urandir Oliveira Fernandes d. In order to draw parallels between symbols of different cultures represented by the Catholic Church, the team was in several museums in Rome and in particular the heart of Catholicism in the Vatican. There were symbols representing different faiths, many even within the pagan basilicas and temples Catholics. It was hard work where the research team also toured the Vatican, the ruins of the Colosseum, Roman Forum and other historic sites, mapping and unraveling some of the mysteries of the region.

Urandir ziggurats leads expedition to France – Walking along the paths of Joan of Arc

Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira made an expedition with other researchers of the Project Portal in some areas of France. The aim of the expedition was to collect information about the famous Joan of Arc. For this, the group went through much of France, visiting from Domremy-la-Pucelle, the birthplace of Joan of January 6, 1412, to the city of Rouem, where she was allegedly burnt alive on 30 May 1431 with only 19 years old. Descendant of modest peasant, was a French martyr canonized by the Catholic Church in 1920, almost five centuries after his supposed death. The survey had a special stamp for the Team Project Portal, as found indisputable evidence that Joan of Arc talked to “Angels of God,” which in reality would be extraterrestrial beings who passed important information. Because of these contacts was persecuted by the Church for many centuries and is considered a heretic witch. Strangely […]

Bilu, The Brazilian ET in CQC TV Program

Bilu reappears and sweeps in CQC. Matter of Danilo Gentili was faithful to what happened during our stay on the farm team. Bilu disappeared in the ground, floated by, translucent and was very clear at the end of the story, but not out of the bush and Danilo test failed to deliver the shell to him. Those who pass the test of the shell will display the 49 races for the world. So the challenge remains: who will take Bilu from behind the bushes to deliver the shell. Besides the official program of the CQC this Monday, November 8, we show the scenes of the story and the scenes that were not in the air which, incidentally, are excellent.  

Download now the Journal of the Bilu, the Brazilian ET No. 1

To help the humans in the pursuit of knowledge, Bilu requested that launched a newspaper with the information he passed. Follow the link to download the paper in PDF format. Download it now because it’s free! And do not forget to enter the Promotion of Bilu: fill out the coupon and get a gift from another world! Search your knowledge! Download now it’s free!!!

Urandir proves your paranormality

Excerpt from the program Fantastico Globo where a group of Brazilian and American researchers study and prove the veracity of paranormal phenomena of Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira. Incontrovertible evidence for those who doubt or believe the lies that put on the Internet.

Oliveira, Urandir accepts challenge of paranormality in TV but Program quits

Paranormal is any individual who performed some physical or psychic phenomenon just using mind power. Many people can perform such paranormal phenomena, some more, others with less intensity. It is true that paranormal events are often the asssocidas of ufology. There are many cases of contacts with extraterrestrials. One of the most controversial the case of de Oliveira Urandir Fernades (UFO). Urandir have contact with extraterrestrials since the age of 13. Since then Urandir began performing many phenomena using the power and mind control, how to materialize pebbles flying saucer-shaped, bend metals as money, spoons and other cutlery, shed some light on your hands, break dishes without touching them, among other . These skills have been confirmed by scientific evidence conducted in research laboratories, the analysis of tests of mental waves that show the frequency change of mind, which enables realizaçõa phenomena. Some of these tests were followed by TV […]