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The truth about UFOs filmed by NASA in the sun

On March 8, 2012, an object that looks like a giant mother ship was filmed at a very close distance to the sun. The object was picked up by the “Solar Dynamics Observatory” NASA, a scene worthy of Hollywood movies. The photo of the sun filmed by NASA was taken by the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory Satellite SOHO becoming the subject of much speculation. No doubt, the picture shows a UFO, because even NASA couldn´t explain the phenomenon. The unidentified flying object that moves slowly alongside our star, has no resemblance to anything that has been seen near the Sun. The intriguing is that no metal object that our science knows, can´t even bear the scorching heat emanating from the solar activity and extremely high temperatures generated by nuclear fusion in the solar surface. The SOHO satellite observation of the sun, is a satellite built by NASA to study the Sun […]

Nasa Films giant ovni in the sun

Interview Urandir bothers “ufologists”

Paranormal Urandir interviewed on Band and causes controversy The paranormal and UFO researcher Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira participated in the program presenter Otavio Mesquita Bandeirantes network, which made some paranormal phenomena. It is proven fact of the paranormal Urandir through medical examinations, encefalogramas proving their intense brain activity. Even so, Brazilian ufologists and their journals are used in the paranormal Urandir creating controversy to promote themselves, to tarnish the image of Urandir. They cast doubt on any paranormal phenomenon Urandir, coming to denigrate and cast doubt on the credibility of some TV presenters. Material removed from the list below ufoburn, showing the offensive on the part of that list against ufologists Urandir Oliveira. What is the reason for such persecution? What these “ufologists” fear? – Start of excerpt – Staff, The Urandir was interviewed by the presenter Otavio Mesquita, on his show live on TV Bandeirantes, at 00:45 Hrs from […]

Ufologist Urandir Oliveira

Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira is not simple ufologist. He is also contacted. Since the 13 years he has contact with extraterrestrial beings coming from various parts of the universe. They are beings who have their bodies made ​​up of 20% matter and 80% power, the reverse of the body (80% matter and 20% of energy). These beings move in the high-tech ships. Of these, Urandir received some implants that accelerate your energy field, making it easier to perform paranormal phenomena. Also received a commitment to prepare humanity to follow the changes in future Earth that is moving from third to fourth dimension. UFO Aliens warn of climate change and disasters that will affect all life on the planet. In addition, the ets give guidelines for a better quality of life and survival, through knowledge of proper food, housing, self-healing, use of natural remedies, among others. At the headquarters of the […]

Urandir – In the media

Due to their paranormal Urandir was interviewed several times and invited to participate in popular television programs. Thus, Urandir won the media, showing the truth about UFOs and aliens. This fact caused much envy in one part of the Brazilian UFO community that did not have that same space to present their information, making Urandir persecuted and extensive smear campaign. These persecutions involved the inversion and distortion of facts published in journals (such as magazine Istoé) and TV shows (even the Amazing network Globo). This situation envoveu famous ufologists in Brazil has expanded some years ago, where Urandir battled accusations and some attacks that endangered his person, culminating in a sting that unjustly put in jail for two days. He was accused of selling fake land. It was proven that its legitimate possession, Dare records, official documents and deed of purchase and venda.Esses Brazilian ufologists did not stop there. Continue […]