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Urandir – Steps of research in Turkey

The President of the Portal Project, Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira leds the seventh zigurats expedition, which occurred in Turkey in October 2013. Participated in this study a group of 80 researchers, who traveled from west to eastern Turkey in search of information to complement the research related to the ancient kingdoms of Antiquity. Starting on October 18 in Istanbul they reached Dara on 27 October.

Most places surveyed showed references to ancient civiliurandir-turkey-tetrapylonzations and kingdoms that inhabited the land in remote past.  Istanbul, which was the starting point was the site of ancient Byzantium and Constantinople. Already near the town of Izmir were collected a lot of information in Ephesus, where the most perfect and preserved Greek stadium. Were found at Ephesus magnificently and preserved buildings such as the Library of Celsus, the Hadrian’s Gate and the Hellenistic Theatre, plus fountains, streets, Roman baths and commercial agoras.

The Temple of Aphrodisias, located in Aphrodisias, which was a small Greek city in Caria near the actual village of Geyre in Turkey showed magnificent sculptures, sarcophagi, pillars, among other works, all done in marble. The researchers collected many valuable information there that confront the traditional archeology, the details and accuracy of cuts, that in our current technology can not perform similar work. This information and datings shows that the kingdoms that existed in antiquity had a development, both cultural and technological more advanced than what the traditional archeology believes.

Urandir and the research team were also in a subterranean city known for Sehri Yeralti (Underground City), Urandir-Yeralti Sehriwhich is one of over 200 underground cities already founded in Turkey, which is one of the few that are available for visitation.
Other areas surveyed were the Euphrates River, which is one of the rivers that forms Mesopotamia and the location of Antioch, where references were found in the lineage of Amazonas, showing that they were crossing the region.

On Mount Nemrut, Urandir Urandir-Nemrutteam cataloged and huge statues of lions, eagles and gigantic statues of gods and King Antiochus, most remarkably well preserved. Are arranged in two platforms and correspond to the statues of the gods Apollo, Zeus, the half-god Hercules, the goddess of fertility Tique and Commagene King Antiochus of Commagene. There, we were able to make the association with other archaeological sites previously surveyed, being related to a specific realm that built their monuments in the high mountains. That left quite intrigued researchers is that archaeologists are excavating can not access the part of the pyramid where was the tomb of hierotheseion, because there are no technology today to accomplish the task.
Urandir and research team also had a surprise in Göbekli Tepe, Urandir-Göbekli Tepean archaeological site that is being excavated by German and Turkish archaeologists. This site is puzzled archaeologists and researchers because it is unlike anything that has been seen so far,  revolutionizing knowledge of the Neolithic era and all theories about the beginning of civilization. The official dates starts at 10 to 12 thousand years ago, where the traditional archeology, it is believed that the man would not yet be building temples. The findings in this location also have an important impact on the history of religions.

Foreign media have speculated connections with the famous biblical Garden of Eden. IUrandir-daranterestingly, in this site were again found evidences of the Amazonas.
At the end of the expedition Urandir been with the group in Dara, which was an important Byzantine fortress city in northern Mesopotamia on the border with the Sassanid Empire. The dating of these ruins is not precise, but found traces of occupation by the Sumerians in this place. At this location, the importance of research is also due to the supposed fact of the passage of Christ in this region.

Finishing this step of research in Turkey, Urandir group of researchers have more valuable information in order to understand and explain the past and the beginning of civilization through the intersection of the evidences founded in various places of Earth.

The truth about UFOs filmed by NASA in the sun

On March 8, 2012, an object that looks like a giant mother ship was filmed at a very close distance to the sun. The object was picked up by the “Solar Dynamics Observatory” NASA, a scene worthy of Hollywood movies.Nasa Films giant ovni in the sun

The photo of the sun filmed by NASA was taken by the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory Satellite SOHO becoming the subject of much speculation. No doubt, the picture shows a UFO, because even NASA couldn´t explain the phenomenon. The unidentified flying object that moves slowly alongside our star, has no resemblance to anything that has been seen near the Sun. The intriguing is that no metal object that our science knows, can´t even bear the scorching heat emanating from the solar activity and extremely high temperatures generated by nuclear fusion in the solar surface.
The SOHO satellite observation of the sun, is a satellite built by NASA to study the Sun and all its core deeply, but also the  external coronal and solar winds. Launched on December 2, 1995, SOHO is equipped with 12 sensors on board that communicates over radio waves with huge satellite dishes around the world and form the so-called NASA Deep Space Network. They are used for control and data collection.

Since this event, we had a lot speculations about the object. It would be a record of an extraterrestrial spacecraft? Were they “sucking” energy from the sun? Many researchers pointed out that the details of the object are very close to the spacecrafts of the science fiction films. What left unanswered is that it´s very unlikely that any object knowed by the human science can support the  heat close to the sun. That human science not know, but an object builded with extra-terrestrial technology could explain everything.

And that’s what happened. The 49 ethnies partners of the Portal Project Association, was passed important information about this event. Under the partnership agreement signed with these ethnies of extra-terrestrial in gets disclose information to the population, the researchers of the Portal Project Association received the information that this strange phenomenon filmed by NASA in the sun  was one of the starships of the 49 ethnies that approached the sun, not to “suck” your energy, but to put specific chemical compounds to  promote a balance in the sun for future solar flares do not reach such high levels and therefore do not affect us seriously, because we are entering a larger cycle of solar activity.

As a result, the 49 ethnies partners of the Project Portal Association was guided to openly disclose this information, explaining about the phenomenon involved and giving a new date that this phenomenon will occur again, which will be on December 17, 2012 at exactly 17:15, GMT. On this day the same starship are performing the task of softening the solar activities and appears again beside the sun where it will remains for 4 hours and 25 minutes and can be recorded by solar observatories worldwide.

Urandir: Is Stuck first photons of light in European laboratory

Urandir: Is Stuck first photons of light in European laboratory

This fact came against various queries related to quantum physics conducted by some researchers of the Project Portal.

Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira (UFO), president of the Association and researcher Project Portal reports the research on parallel realities, dimensional planes, deformities visual light and folds in space-time, the effects of gravity on light forces, among others. Many of these realities until a few decades ago were only conceived through theories by eminent scientists like Einstein, are now being put into practice in many experiments by several research centers worldwide, inc luindo researchers quantum science and parallel Project Portal and Technology Center ziggurats (CTZ).

It was a big dream of Einstein: to observe a fotoM get arrested for a small second. Einstein could not live to see this actually being done, which was performed at the European laboratory Kastler Brossel in France through the researcher Clément Sayrin. Sayrin and scientists of the laboratory comseguiram maintain a constant number of photons trapped permanently in a microwave cavity. This fact was widely acclaimed by the scientific community, because it was considered an act difficult because the photons obey the rules of quantum mechanics and not the rules of classical mechanics.

Expedition Team ziggurats – Peru Bolivia

The 5th Expedition Brazil – Team ziggurats of the Portal Project undertook research on the cultures of the Andean countries for nine days in Peru and Bolivia, from 20 to 28 September 2011, with much success and reaching your goal, which was drawing a parallel between these civilizations in relation to the early presence of man on earth and interference from other relatively intelligences in this process.

The study on the legacy of the legendary figure Andean Viracocha and his aides revealed surprises with regard to references on the involvement of intelligence with superior knowledge to the human cultures in the pre-Inca and Inca, and indicated the participation of women with higher knowledge these same civilizations, including showing the existence of matriarchies.
In addition, the researchers were able to check the use of technologies antissísmicas the ruins of buildings of different types of architecture in archaeological sites visited, both in pre-Inca cultures as the Inca, as well as forms of government, education, agriculture with the cultivation and storage of food in stepped terraces (looking for takes the form of vertical ziggurats) in the mountains, which fed the balance of micro-climate, health, etc.. Another striking fact was the mystery of transportation and clean cut in the huge stones placed in narrow lanes of towering mountains.
Although there occurs a tropical rain for a hundred years in some regions of Peru, causing deserts in various areas of the country and since 1970 no rain does not fall in metropolitan Lima, the issue of lack of water is solved by the melting of the Andes mountains and also by means of artesian wells. Currently, in some villages on the outskirts of the Peruvian capital, the supply is made by tanker trucks. Communities in the pre-Inca and Inca as in many temples and buildings were used for water pipelines for the supply and irrigation agriculture, which also allowed the storage of rainwater.
The team arrived in Lima ziggurats, following immediately to the city of Juliaca, Puno scrolling, moving away from 1h20min to the border with Bolivia. Tiahuanaco is an architectural complex located in the central highlands of Bolivia to the southeast of Lake Titicaca, which borders with Bolivia and Peru, Bolivia through the Desaguadero Municipality, consisting of seven ruins: Kalasasaya, meaning “place of standing stones,” Temple semisubterrâneo , Pyramid of Akapana, Carried the sun and Puma Punku. According to legend, all you see there suddenly appeared with the huge stones “mysteriously lifted from the ground by air to the sound of trumpets.” Here, holes in the stones magnified the voice resonance, demonstrating the use of sound vibration, as the researchers were able to see Team ziggurats. FLOATING ISLANDS OF UROS
Located on the Lake Titicaca, which has 8560 km ² with 222 km and 165 km wide and 65 km long, fed by the waters of melting glaciers that surround the Andean highlands, it is 60% on the Peruvian side and 40% in Bolivia . The lake should be called TITIHALA, which means cougar stone, for having the shape of a puma, but the term was translated into Castilian as Titicaca, deposit “droppings” from space. The highest navigable lake in the world has 140 to 300 meters deep and its waters are deep depressions and flat share. Explored by the French oceanographer Jacques Cousteau Jean (11/6/1910-25/6/1997), which produced 150 films and nearly 60 books, he discovered a frog that is 1.70 meters across in his boat propellers. Cousteau saw bright light coming from the depths of the lake, but could never figure out what it was or whence he came.
The floating population of the islands belong to the ethnicity of the Collas merged with yamaras and Quechua. As scholars, they have to do with the civilization of Lemuria, having a reddish-brown skin due to the influence of the high number of red blood cells, which differentiates them from all other human races.
The side Titicaca is the birthplace of the children of the sun related to Inca ruler Manco Capac. The 50 floating islands are based on a plant called “totora” like a reed, whose root has up to three meters long in the water. The dismissal of these people was exciting, with women singing the following song: “I do not care where thou mayest. I do not care the race. I do not care the color of your skin. If you come as a friend, we will be friends. “
The legend says that the city was founded by Manco Capac and Mama Occlo, two sons of the sun coming from Tiahuanaco, near Lake Titicaca. Cusco was the center of the Inca empire, meaning “navel of the world.” The civilization was decimated with the arrival of the Spaniards, led by Francisco Pizarro and his brothers.
In the park Cusco ecological Sacsayhuamán containing a stone 11 with angles estimated weight of 200 large vehicles, and its stones appear to have been melted, perhaps by use of thermal energy. All stones are embedded in perfect symmetry, similar to Stonehenge in England. In it occurs the Feast of the Sun, celebrated every year on June 24. Its stones are arranged in a zigzag fashion, giving the impression of a temple to carry out military or official ceremonies. The name means zigzag (SAQSAY) and head (UMAN), and the presence of culture PARACAS, specializing in medicine, emphasizing the trepanning of skulls using gold plates to cure people already at that time.
Temple of Viracocha
Also known as time Raqchi, name given by the Indians Viracocha Inca, was covered with gold, had a party for women priests and a perfect synchronization of sound vibration that lasts until today and when it beeps, it expands and vibrates along the narrow road that bisects the Inca temple. Highlight for agriculture beside the building that produced their own food.
TEMPLE Qoricancha
In it are the worlds of the living and the dead, whose name means spiritual center of the world. The entire temple was surrounded by gold, having different architectures: Inca, colonial and Moorish (Arab and Palestinian). In Inca times, the Garden of the Golden Temple South agricultural products were placed in pots of gold. In it also had the effect of sound vibration plus the water that passed through three channels resounded through the site.
He owned a large solar disk with 3.25 meters in gold that is missing today. The Incas considered gold the metal of the gods, but the Spaniards attributed to him only the material value. Besides gold, the temple had the representation of the stars and constellations in precious stones and its construction was antissísmica, later seized by the Spanish to build the Church of Santo Domingo in the center of Cusco.
Built 3765 meters sea level, shows an enigma: no one knows where it comes from the water that never dries, maybe three ponds located in the mountains that surround or defrost. Access to water was one of the important points in the construction of Inca temples and buildings. In this place, as in many others, the dead were mummified elite and placed in a fetal position in niche embedded in the mountains, along with idols of gold to be buried.
The name means labyrinth in the Quechua language, having the altar of the three worlds of the gods (condor), the living (Cougar) and dead (snake), similar to the Trilogy of Life Lines. In the high altar were burned agricultural products that were smoke and that, according to the Incas, connected with the gods. The maze means that the dead had to pass through the darkness, thus fulfilling the cycle of life. The altar, which received the moonlight was decorated with gold leaf and silver.
In the Urubamba River, we visited the legacy of the civilization of Qollcas to check the storage of agricultural grains.
Machu Pichu
The city suspended, as the evidence was abandoned by its inhabitants, perhaps avoiding some of the climate problem or Spanish, and moved toward the Amazon jungle. Machu Pichu around a number of towns have also been abandoned similarly. The city had two sectors that divided: the agricultural and urban, the first of which was formed by terraces located on the south side of the complex. The agricultural sector of the city separated by a wall, which ended in a guarded entry to controlled access. The Sun Temple is one of the buildings with finer finish and its similarity to the temple in Cusco Qoricancha was dedicated to the worship of the deity maximum Inca. This temple has three windows that allows the exact passage of sunlight during the summer solstice (21 December) and winter (June 21), and the third shows around the perforations in March, called the Window of the Serpents. There is also the Temple of the Condor, a bird considered sacred by the Incas.
In the Sacred Valley, Chinchero the remnants of civilization still retain the art of weaving and dyeing of fabrics, a system of work transmitted by the ancestors. They showed a soap made from the plant Sakta, cassava similar to that after peeling in a grater directly into the water and further stirred by hand form a foam, cleaning greasy quickly ram. After washing, make the yarn, dye and finish the pieces to be sold. They have recorded only 54 different designs in mind.
Ollantaytambo means resting place, reaching the note of Cusco, at the other end of the Sacred Valley, near Machu Picchu. It was a fortress with a town, with temples to religion and terraces to grow and store grain perched in the mountains. On top of a huge mountain had six huge stones in pyramid form also counting on a solar disk of gold in the Temple of the Sun that showed the solstices and an astronomical observatory. The entire set was built with protection from earthquakes.
Again, the temple was partially destroyed by man, in this case the Spanish colonizers, to allow the use of stones in the works of the Church, who built their buildings this way. Also built on a mountain, the whole complex can be classified into three parts: military, religious and housing. The buildings for military use are on the second part of the mountain, in a strategic location that allowed a full view of the valley. The walls are thick and inclined to the inside (technology antissísmica) and the fact of being on a rock over 200 meters long provides a look invincible. The sanctuary is located on the first rise of the mountain and has seven houses of stone and polished. In the center is the Intihuatana, the Temple of the Sun It is housing for women and their temple priestesses of the Moon
The oldest city in America, dating back five thousand years BC has 66 hectares housing nine pyramids in semi-circle. Recorded in a stone circle symbol of the Amazons, showing evidence of a matriarchal society, having five ceremonial sites and the enigma of a cemetery there.

The city of Caral was also abandoned suddenly.
Although very old, the city m

Oyster characteristic of urban life and also designs with Oriental faces. The city was built in a desert, but a few meters there is a green valley called the Supe valley, watered by the river of the same name.

The buildings are pre-Inca in the desert, made with bricks in vertical type library, another technique antissísmica, also containing water channels beneath the sand. It was built a thousand years before the Incas, with technology adobe (brick made of dry earth to the sun). The place had two paths crossed, in a north-south and one in the East-West. Reportedly this site Pachamacac received a visit from Fernando Pizarro, brother of the Spanish colonizer Francisco. There was a temple for the chosen virgins who were sacrificed to please the gods, but this happened during the Spanish occupation in 1532 DCNeste place, came only women (there began the action of the Inquisition of the Catholic Church, chasing people who held the knowledge .) Here too, the complex had three functions: military, astronomical and religious / cerimonial.Todas pre-Inca cultures were matriarchal, and the Incas were patriarchal.
We also visited the catacombs of St. Francis Church in downtown Lima is home to 32 Catholic churches all with this feature, but only in San Francisco allows visitation, and all the catacombs are connected to each other through secret paths. They were built in the sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, containing 25 000 bones, and most of the graves were collective. They used lime on the bodies to clean and sanitize, odor, and avoiding epidemics. The catacombs were connected to the seat of government and the palace of justice and also had links between the male and female convents.
In the catacombs We have also seen the domed building in the basement, like what we are building in the galleries of the Project Portal and houses with roofs of the same form in vault. In these wells are ten feet deep and five in diameter, which served to cancel the seismic vibrations. In the 40 worst earthquakes occurred in the history of the Andes, these structures undergo any hand shaking, while those that had not been following the same technology.
It is noteworthy that geographically the southern Peru is on the same longitude of the State of Bahia, but with totally different climate. While in Bahia and Brazil’s tropical climate in Peru is due to the cold Pacific Ocean, which is cold sea current and the temperature of the water is only 19 º in winter.
In the expedition to Peru and Bolivia, Brazil Expedition – Team ziggurats was in 2010 in France (October) and Mexico (January) and in 2004 and 2005 in the Amazon region.

Project Portal: Disasters are becoming more intense

Last year, Hurricane Irene nicknamed Atlantic devastated the Caribbean, part of the East Coast and came to Canada. At the time the event was classified as natural and occurs every hundred years.

However, a study conducted by a team of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and Princeton University, found no evidence encouraging. According to research, high-intensity storms and their violent floods will happen in time windows much smaller than a century.

Editor’s Note Project Portal: The intelligences of other worlds Partner Portal Project for over ten years has been warning, through the president of the Project Portal, Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira, and most recently contacted by more than 1,500 on the increase disasters around the world, and this is a cyclical event and thus has ocorrereu on Earth at other times as the record books of geography, history and science. The researchers warn that the Portal Project is not the end of the world and that this will not occur, but the increase in weather events such as storms, windstorms, earthquakes, volcanic activity and solar that will affect peoples and continents. Now, the MIT team supports this possibility of increased catastrophic events that, according to researchers at the Project Site, will intensify in 2012, reaching its apex in 2014 and extending until 2018, then decreasing. The recommendation is for people to prepare by storing food, water and medicines. If nothing happens, the products can be consumed later, but at least there was a preparation that can help those who need these items. The MIT study refers to New York, but this situation can occur in different cities, just take stock of the events that are already occurring in many parts of the world.
The researchers used the city of New York as an example of analysis. On average every 500 years, the city is subject to floods that exceed three meters in height. The team combined four weather patterns with samples of specific hurricanes. The models then generated 45,000 types of storms within a radius of 200 km of the island of Manhattan.
Then the models were subjected to two possible scenarios. The first, current, represented the atmosphere between 1980 and 2000, while the second used the predictions to come between the years 2081 and 2100. Such estimates, according to MIT, were based on data from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change on emissions of carbon dioxide.
The conclusion is that with global warming, floods that exceed the mark of two meters must be allowed to happen every three to 20 years. While every 25 and 240 years, it is possible that the water level to easily reach to three meters.
Currently, the dikes of Manhattan are only 1.5 meters tall. That is, in any of the two scenarios provided by the team, it is possible that New York be underwater. The team leaves the alert and emphasizes that the results obtained can be used by authorities to minimize impacts of high intensity storms can bring to a region.
SOURCE: Source: Journal Review and INFO

Urandir Alert: Global Warming affect the human

Once again, science confirms that the Project Portal, through the researcher Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira and his partners have argued starry worlds for over ten years. The information published on Saturday (03.20.2010) by G1 and also published on the site www.ambientelbrasil.com.br says that climate change will have undeniable effects on health, as the increase in allergies and diseases transmitted by mosquitoes, and the increase intestinal problems linked to lack of water, as experts warned in Paris on climate and health.

“In 2050, one in two summers (Northern Hemisphere) will resemble the heat wave of 2003,” which in France led to the deaths of thousands of people, said the director of the Health Agency of Environment and Labour (AFSSET) Dominique Gombert. For the Project Portal these issues is now even show in 2010 is expected to increase from 2011, therefore, a date very close.

For researchers of the Portal Project, in Brazil and in several countries as the disease caused by H1N1 virus, sudden deaths of young people to heart attacks, increased incidence of cancer, skin diseases, malaria, dengue, etc.. already causing problems and concerns for health professionals and even the government area.
According to Dominique Gombert, it is possible to predict that rising temperatures during the summer will cause a strong increase in mortality among older people, or fragile. Moreover, the cold wave will be more intense, even more deadly, the director added. The researchers believe that the Project Portal cold is very intense in certain regions of the planet.
Some pollutants – such as fine particles – also increase due to global warming, he added. “There will be over early and stay longer,” said Gombert. The researchers warn that the Project Portal in the air there are a myriad of particles prejudiciaisà human health, and much of it released into the atmosphere by man, but there are also the cosmic particles that are harmful to the human race.
“This pollution will have the same effects of pollution peaks present, which generate an increase in respiratory diseases (bronchitis, asthma) and cardiovascular problems, as well as increased sensitivity to infections caused by microbes,” he warned.
Global warming will cause a redistribution of vegetation in the territory: for example, tries to climb the olive tree to the north. The same thing occurs with several species of animals that are already migrating to other regions different from their natural habitats, migratory birds as well as those who lose focus of their destination due to changes in the Earth’s electromagnetic field, the researchers of the Project Portal.
Furthermore, he added, the trees with pollen spread, and so much pollen periods will increase, which will cause more cases of allergies, he said.
They are also referred to other health problems such as skin cancers, due to the intensification of the sun, and the increase in diseases such as typhoid or cholera, because the water will be scarcer and more contaminated, he said.
The specialist said that although the threats of the effects of warming planet appear clear, measures to protect people’s health are less clear.
To reduce the risk factors, you must develop a culture of “adaptation”, but this goal is faced with difficulties such as lack of interest among doctors, said another expert.
“Global warming is an issue that matters to the media, but less to doctors,” lamented William Dab, Chair Professor of Health and Safety at the Conservatoire National des Arts in Paris. Also, governments can not agree when it comes to this subject, the researchers warn of the Project Portal.
He said climate change is not “an additional risk,” among others, but “a change of scale of risk,” given the amount of exposed persons. Already the researchers warn that the Project Portal will occur including changes in terrestrial geography, a fact that happens in a loop on Earth, but roughly every 5000 years.
The National Observatory on the Effects of Global Warming (Onerc) suggests some ways to combat these effects of climate change on health, including greater oversight of some infectious agents and the quality of water and air. (Source: G1, Brazil and Environment Project Portal)

Tests of the Theory of the Earth Convex continue

Tests to verify the theory of the earth in their Convex continents with water flush or flat, as suggested by ET Bilu, had one more step performed abroad. In the period from 20 to 22 November team of researchers from the Portal Project, in partnership with other scientists, was on Lake Titicaca on the border between Peru and Bolivia, to perform some experiments.
The data are being analyzed and compiled, and can be complemented with new tests as needed.
After processing the information, the Portal Project will release the documentary content of which could revolutionize some scientific theories.

The Project Portal knows that there is great curiosity and many questions and quesionamentos about Earth Theory Concexa, but still stresses the need to be patient until all the data to be compiled. Since this is a new theory, we must exhaust all possibilities before arriving at a concrete conclusion that will satisfy and facilitate understanding for all people, from laymen to the scientific community.

Who is Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira – UFO

Ufologist and Paranormal, was contacted first at thirteen years old when, consciously, was sucked into her room and taken to a ship through a beam of violet light.
From this event, was constantly visited by lights that communicated their paranormal mentally and has evolved gradually.
The extraterrestrials continued his visits, always remembering his commitment, which was finally accepted at twenty-nine years.

“I’ll report what happened to me, because it can be your story – or part – with some of you can identify, or to understand how I got here, why all. In the beginning there were voices. I heard them, not knowing where they came from. It started at nine years old. He also felt the presence of someone next to me, hear me call, but did not identify who. Sometimes saw some figures.

Over time, I realized that, depending on my mood, when you get near an appliance, it happened some noise, for example, in tuning the radio or television.

Another thing was the thought. All I wanted to think intensively and, ended up happening. But for me, all this was normal, did not bother me.

And there was also the cutlery that were crooked when he was eating, but I believed at that time that my mother to wash the entortava. Until one day, I was a little nervous, and the fork bent so quickly that hurt my lips. Angry threw him down, but he continued to bend. I took it and it broke in my hand. And so I realized it was me, because it happened with my brothers.

This night, appeared on television psychic Uri Gueler, bending and breaking objects with the power of thought. Joined the facts and understand that, through positive thinking, can manipulate matter and interact with other people and thought that this was not an everyday thing.

My first contact with extraterrestrial beings was thirteen. Until that age had never seen anything different in the sky. I was a square and saw an immense light that flashed and changed color, emitting a sound like a buzz was strong and circular developments. Suddenly disappeared.

I went home and was lying when I saw a purple light in the room that sucked me and took me into a ship, through the ceiling (this time, I did not know what was a ship).

Inside the ship, two men stirred in my neck, leaving a scar. And a woman gesturing with hands illuminated as if it is energizing and me. He told me he would visit me sometimes and I would bring jobs, that I should meet. I was taken back to my room the same way coming out.

I still have that scar on his neck, caused by an implant, confirmed by radiographs. Later beings explained to me that this was to assist me in the activation energy.

After this event, I was constantly visited by lights which manifested mentally and my paranormal has evolved more and more.

I had problems with people around me during my childhood because I was “different.” Was isolated by other broken, branded a witch, mad sorcerer, a liar.

From the age of eighteen I started doing paranormal shows for people, but as light beings told me that this energy should not be used for exhibitionism and that I should find out what your purpose.

At twenty-three years, another “coincidence”, another discovery. I found two people on a street that had been run over and had their fractures. I felt an urge to touch them and I did, the pain subsided until it ceased completely. On this day I understood what could and should use my energy on behalf of others.

After that I received guidance from beings on techniques of how to use this energy for self-help, stabilization of the vibrational field of people, as well as lights issue of the hands, body, the chakras and how to access other dimensions.

I learned that my body fluorescence could be activated by emotional stimuli and sexual (kundalini) that accelerate my brain frequencies, transmuting my energy. Even the light of my hands has been tested by scientists, who could not prove it was caused by some chemical. Moreover, the meetings of energization, the people who have compatible energies can also light up, without my having to touch them.

And I kept getting requests from beings who continually reminded me that I had a mission, which only accepted the twenty-nine years. I hesitated because he understood it was a very big responsibility.

And it was agreed that whenever it was necessary to prove one or more persons the existence of beings, they manifest themselves in some way, to give support to my work. And this has been happening regularly. “

Everything that happened to Urandir also happens to many people: paranormal phenomena, enhanced energy, extrasensory perceptions, natural phenomena, which manifest themselves in our lives and we may not care, do not stop to think about them.

The Paranormal is an ability we all have: to enable our vibrational energy through various stimuli, a fusion that alters our brain frequency.

Bilu explains the shape of the earth

As promised for 60 days, ET Bilu reappeared on the evening of June 11 in the Farm Gate, the city of Corguinho / MS to make his first revelation to mankind, recording information during the conversation with the president of the Project Portal, the researcher and ufologist Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira, of course, will cause much controversy regarding the format and terrestrial geography.

The ET Bilu says that the earth is not round, much less a potato or geoid, but convex in the continental forms, with flat seas across its border covered with ice. Moreover, the geography of the earth is different from the known model that primarily with regard to the position of continents. What we see in relation to the shape of the earth is just an optical illusion.

Watch the video and understand the theory of ET Bilu on Earth. Do you agree?
Researchers at the Project Site, along with other scientists in the field, make the tests proposed by ET Bilu and will disseminate them to the extent that they are completed. Bilu returns with new information not only on the shape of the earth, but on the origin of man, about Jesus, about God – the Architect of the Universe and more.

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UFO – Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira and Project Portal

Urandir Oliveira Fernandes, known as UFO (initials of his name), is well known among Brazilian and international UFO. It is pursued by many who accuse him of being fraud. But it proved the fact that his paranormal and its partnership with extraterrestrials, some even filmed by TV crews.
Urandir was born on March 14, 1963, in Maraba Paulista, in São Paulo. He is the son of comerciário, has five brothers and three sisters. From 8 years impressed his brothers bending cutlery in the kitchen. At age 13 would have had his first encounter with an alien, in Sao Paulo. It was a being tall, with blond hair, eyes like a cat. For it was possible to communicate, their frequency was accelerated by mental being. From then began to have power over the matter, bending metal, causing fluorescence in the hands, and turning on lights “on the strength of mind.”

Urandir – Photo Gallery

Old Shoe Brands landing UFO found in the Amazon rainforest during shipment Urandir and Project Portal

Urandir and Soldier of the Brazilian army during the second dispatch ziggurats – Project Portal to the Amazon rainforest

Urandir headline news radio media

Urandir Edmo in an interview with Garcia in the Ufology Research program on Radio Headline RJ

Urandir shows the imprint on his bed after his abduction.

Urandir Project Portal and visit the Indian village during the second dispatch ziggurats in the Amazon.

Urandir a news program in the mouse SBT.

Brands rock found during an expedition in the Amazon and ziggurats Urandir Project Portal.

UFO – Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira, the Paranormal

Many believe that the Project Portal is a sect, a church or just a fantasy world where sightings of flying saucers and contact with extraterrestrial and interdimensional beings are nothing but fraud, headlights miles or invention of the mind of followers.

The truth is that in the region of Corguinho in Mato Grosso do Sul occur intense UFO phenomena. In this region the plantation is located Portal Project, whose leader is Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira known as UFO. Urandir is known for its paranormal and extraterrestrial contact.

The Portal Project – Tourism and Research

The Portal Project is an association designed to build a new way of thinking global, acting in several areas of knowledge such as astro-physics, engineering, psychology, administration, ufology, anthropology, technology and physics.
Project Portal • The association has 11 years experience in the country and with the participation of over 370 000 people at its headquarters in Mato Grosso do Sul
• Has a core service to participants in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre, Belo Horizonte, Brasilia, Florianopolis
• The association promotes lectures around the country, bringing together about 200 people per event
• Is responsible for publishing the Explosive Magazine, already distributed in the National Territory

The Portal Project conducts research, working well beyond the contacts with UFO sightings and frequent in the region from its headquarters in Corguinho, as in advanced research institutions and authorities supported by Brazilian military, aerospace, civil defense, fire department, research center, universities, among others.

Recently researchers have investigated the Project Portal instances of crop circles, especially in the fields of the south. To assist in research have collected information on the sites, pictures and measurements with different detectors, data from air traffic control, and command Cindacta Brazilian aerospace, the comdabra, among others.
This is an achievement that shows that even with many adversities can make a serious investigation, the result has to contribute, not only as mere stories, but with evidence and information that explain phenomena for the general public. Thus, these phenomena are no longer only used in a sensationalist media aiming to take advantage of a situation or an event for a simple comment on the news, but bringing forth a new vision of reality.

Published in http://www.urandir.com.br/ProjetoPortal.html

The Paranormal Urandir Oliveira – UFO

Paranormal and contacted Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira, founder of Project portal, an association of thousands of members who seek mental evolution and conduct research in various areas as geology, biology, geography, paleontology, history, technology, physics, chemistry other. Researchers Project Portal also seek to explain unknown phenomena often attributed to UFOs.

Source: http://www.paranormalurandir.com.br/